Aristotle once named human’s five external senses – taste, touch, smell, hearing and vision.
In our opinion, three internal senses are equally important to modern humans – hunger, thirst, and a desire to relax. In order for each of our guests to enjoy the full sense of symphony, we will quench three internal senses, satisfying the five external ones.
EIGHT focuses on human sensory satisfaction in thoughtfully detailed private events such as family and garden parties as well as events for business corporate customers, management and staff.

EIGHT offers:

• to develop individual event offers;
• to find a suitable place for event;
• in collaboration with industry experts, to develop a unique gastronomy section;
• to attract both recognized and new talents – event leaders, performing artists;
• to provide the technical side of the event;
• to coordinate the development of design materials;
• to take care of the publicity of the event.

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